Opal Batteries

The Opal range of 12 volt, deep cycle rechargeable batteries are used predominantly in the fire protection industry for diesel driven pump start & or to power the pump control systems.

Their features include AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) construction, valve regulation, flame retardant case, recessed stainless steel terminals & compliance with AS4029.2 & AS4029.3.

Opal batteries are also used in applications outside of the fire protection industry such as marine for engine starting & on board power, camping, recreational vehicles & solar systems.

What Advantages Do Opal Australia AGM Batteries Offer ?

Opal Australia AGM (absorbed glass mat) deep cycle rechargeable batteries are manufactured by one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers whose AGM battery products are certified by international compliance certification authorities such as UL, CE & ISO.

Superior quality & compliance with international standard enables the AGM battery to be a prominent industry leader in many of its overseas markets including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Brazil, Korea & Thailand. Government instrumentalities & industries such as security, telecommunication, solar power generation & fire protection recognise the many advantages of the AGM battery & are major markets for it on the international stage.

AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries are maintenance free & sealed to prevent gas or liquid leakage & are spill proof even when the case is damaged. They are not adversely affected by extremes in ambient temperatures & will withstand most incidences of freezing. The battery case & the internal relief valve are flame retardant

& the terminal connection points are stainless steel bolt on type.

AGM batteries are recombinant which means that the oxygen & hydrogen contained within the battery recombine using gas phase transfer of oxygen to the negative plates of the battery. As a result of this process the recombined gasses become water during charging. Water loss as a result of electrolysis is also prevented. The process is typically 99% efficient so there is almost no water loss.

Charging requirements are basically no different to any commercially common rechargeable battery & because of the construction & internal resistance of the battery heat generated from the charging & discharging process – even under extreme conditions.

Self discharge rates are typically in the order of 1% per month so the battery will store in better condition than most other batteries. The tightly packed construction of the AGM battery is also quite different in that it will withstand much more aggression from shock & vibration than conventional batteries.

Where deep cycle batteries are required your first choice should be Opal Australia AGM batteries,